The Occultaria of Albion Set of Four Pin Badges LIMITED EDITION


Shipping to United States: $5.64

The Occultaria of Albion was a casefile series, published in a not-so-distant past. This part work series has recently been restored, edited and re-published by archivist Richard Daniels.

The Occultaria of Albion features places and people far too peculiar to believe, and a handful of these have been immortalised in pin badge format. This set includes four 38mm professionally made pin badges, featuring:

The original OA logo
Spanton Industrial Estate (The Occultaria of Albion Vol IV)
Low Scaraby Folk Festival Souvenir Badge (The Occultaria of Albion VII)
'I Walked The Crabtree Fairy Mushroom Trail at Wickstead House' Tourist Badge (The Occultaria of Albion Vol VI)

The badges are secure upon a branded backing card, and will be posted via Royal Mail First Class postage services!